Put your morning coffee to use

How your morning coffee can become 3D priniting material

As you savour your morning coffee, have you ever wondered what happens to those used grounds after your caffeine fix? At Senex Recruitment, we were intrigued to discover an incredible innovation from the University of Colorado at Boulder that’s turning coffee waste into something extraordinary!

They’ve developed a revolutionary method for 3D printing using a paste made from old coffee grounds, water, and a few sustainable ingredients.

This technique isn’t just for show; it’s practical too! The team has successfully crafted jewellery, plant pots, and even espresso cups from coffee grounds. What’s even more exciting is that this method can be adapted for consumer-grade, affordable 3D printers with some tweaks. But why coffee grounds? The answer lies in sustainability. Most 3D printing materials, like polylactic acid (PLA), take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. The research team set out to find a greener alternative, and their innovative approach could change the game.

Want to dive deeper into this remarkable project? Check out the full story here:


At Senex Recruitment, we believe in starting our day with a great cup of coffee and celebrating STEM’s incredible ability to make our world more sustainable. Are you a 3D printing enthusiast? Would you consider using this technique? Or can you think of broader applications in the manufacturing sector? We’d love to hear your thoughts and any stories of using unconventional materials in manufacturing. Let’s keep the conversation brewing!

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