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Our overarching purpose is to connect companies and organisations with the highest calibre of talent available in the marketplace, by using the latest recruitment innovations and the insight of our consultants to achieve this success promptly and efficiently. Furthermore, this ongoing success can only be achieved by establishing and maintaining a strong connection with both the business and wider community respecting and appreciating our role in helping companies and employees deliver to the maximum of their potential. Our aim is to do the right thing and it is a central tenet in all that we do and every decision we make.

Our Employers section will explore a range of different areas including an outline of our services and how we work with your business.


The benefits of recruiting with Senex Recruitment

Talent Sourcing

We are continuously reaching out to new talent, establishing strong business partnerships with the business and wider community and developing innovative resourcing […]

Exceptional Employee-Talent Fit

We vet and assess all candidate against your requirements and aim to ensure every candidate you receive from Senex Recruitment will meet […]

Attentive and Responsive

We will act efficiently and promptly on your behalf, providing full management of your recruitment process to reduce your time to hire. […]