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Senex Recruitment

Senex Recruitment Ltd specialises in Manufacturing, Technology, Engineering, and Scientific Recruitment. From 2018 it has used its commercial acumen to achieve successful connections of employees to new career opportunities.

Immersed in the STEM (Science. Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) discipline. All vacancies are likely to require technical skills or knowledge in STEM. This can be at an Executive, Management or Skilled Staff level. You can find out all of our areas of recruitment by heading to the our sectors page.

Proud to support the wider business community. Senex Recruitment takes an integrated approach. Not just recruiting but exchanging business leads and commercial insights. It demonstrates the value of working with a Consultancy, irreplaceable by internet solutions as only a Consultant can “provide expert advice professionally”.


Why the name Senex is important

The word “Senex” origin is from the Latin for an old man. Throughout history, the term is used to describe literary figures with key traits. Likewise, these attributes are fundamental to the recruitment process. What are these qualities?

• The ability to identify empathetically with people
• Use great insight to understand people and situations
• Provide mentoring and offer guidance
• Help people to fulfill their ambition

Although not being old, Senex Recruitment identified with these qualities. They are essential skills in a people lead business. As a result, the name Senex was a natural choice.

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