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At Senex Recruitment Ltd, as your STEM Recruiter our mission is to facilitate the connection between companies and the finest talent available in the STEM job market. Established in 2018 by our Director and Founder Kevin McHugh, we've been connecting job seekers with employers across South and South East England and beyond. We achieve this by harnessing cutting-edge recruitment innovations and the insightful expertise of our consultants, enabling swift and efficient successes.

Our ongoing achievements are rooted in strong bonds with the business and wider business community. We hold a deep respect for our role in assisting both companies and employees in reaching their fullest potential.

STEM Employers choose Senex Recruitment Ltd

We boast a track record of pairing exceptional STEM talent with the right opportunities. Our adept consultants excel at resolving intricate recruitment challenges. Because they are equipped with extensive knowledge, they offer guidance founded on empathy, understanding, and astute commercial insight. Senex Recruitment Ltd takes a pragmatic, direct approach, steering you through the complexities of the job market.

Elevated by reputation and success

We are proud of the of the accomplishments of the past years, helping countless individuals in the STEM sector achieve their career aspirations. Because, we are propelled by delivering quality recruitment solutions, setting industry benchmarks, and positively transforming lives and careers. Every decision our consultants make is guided by the collective benefit of our clients and candidates.

Innovative and insightful recruitment solutions

As the candidate market tightens and job numbers increase, we've transitioned from using traditional job boards to increasing the use of comprehensive search and selection techniques. From impactful social media campaigns to tapping into our personal STEM network, we source candidates beyond the conventional job market.

Supporting Business Growth means Successful Recruiting

Senex Recruitment Ltd employs an integrated approach, not just in recruiting but in fostering business leads and commercial insights. Therefore, we actively contribute to the broader business community, showcasing the unique value of consultancy.

Fair and Results-Driven Fee Structure for all employers

Our fee structure is equitable and aligned with the current market trend. Because, we believe in delivering results. As a result fees are only payable upon a candidate's successful start, and we offer an additional layer of security through a robust rebate period. Our rates are market-oriented, eliminating exorbitant fees used for negotiation purposes.

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