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Engineering Icons celebrated in new London Underground tube map

Engineering Icons celebrated with new iconic map redesign. At the commencement of this month, National Engineering Day 2023 took center stage, and in a unique collaboration, Transport for London (TfL), the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng), and the London Transport Museum crafted a reimagined rendition of London’s iconic tube map. This homage to engineering excellence seamlessly intertwines the phenomenal achievement of the London Underground with the iconic design of the Underground map.

The Engineering Icons Tube map, a testament to the world’s greatest engineers, boasts 274 Tube and Elizabeth line stops, each meticulously named after a blend of historical and contemporary engineering luminaries. This alternative map serves not only to celebrate the legacy of these engineers. It also aims to inspire and motivate individuals from diverse backgrounds to contemplate a career in engineering.

Who are these Engineering Icons?

Among the notable transformations, Oxford Circus has been christened as Harry Beck, the visionary behind the original Underground map. Uxbridge station now bears the name of Dr. Gladys West, renowned for her contributions to the Global Positioning System. Meanwhile, Ealing Common pays homage to Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the nineteenth-century civil engineer. Credited with the design and construction of the Thames Tunnel in London.

While some names on the map are widely recognized. It is important to note that many unsung heroes are also featured. The reimagined tube map aspires to pique the curiosity of anyone interested in engineering. Urging them to delve deeper into the stories of these remarkable individuals. The history of engineering, intricately woven into the fabric of the UK’s history, has laid the foundation upon which society has flourished. Therefore, playing a pivotal role in propelling London onto the global stage.

Why is the Engineering Icon Underground Tube map important?

As London’s transport commissioner, Andy Lord, remarks, this project is designed to “encourage people from all backgrounds to consider engineering as a rewarding career.” The collaborative effort aspires to pave the way for the UK to emerge as a leader in engineering on the world stage”.

Head over to the revamped London Underground map and embark on a journey to discover how many engineers you can recognize. Take time to reflect on the greatest achievements of these engineers. Each stop on the map represents a milestone in the rich tapestry of engineering history. How many do you know? Which of the milestones do you think is the greatest? 

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