GDPR – The upside for the Recruitment Industry

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May 25th is nearly upon us and there is a huge amount of activity across the business community regarding GDPR. During our work at Senex Recruitment, we liaise daily with many companies busy preparing for the new regulations and ensuring their compliance. There are many fantastic companies and bloggers working on how you should prepare, and useful information can be found at the likes of Steven Drake Solicitors who have comprehensive articles on the subject, this link will take you to their eight-part guide it is well worth reading.

This article is not offering guidance or advice, there are more qualified people out there, but is just to share a quick thought about the upside of GDPR.

One of the biggest complaints and frustrations of both Clients and Candidates about the Recruitment Industry is directly related to issues GDPR is going to address. The use of information and data that a Recruitment Consultancy has not gained consent to use. The typical scenario is a Consultancy sending a CV to a client without gaining consent to do so or using similar information for marketing purposes.

We experience it time after time, you spend time with a candidate briefing them about a role giving them and insight into the culture of the business and the requirements of the position. Only to find that once you have sent the CV the company has already received it and the candidate was completely unaware that it had been sent. The pressure to “win” in a competitive market has outweighed the professionalism and due process. Without knowing the candidate, why they are interested in the opportunity and their strengths for the role right from the start it is impossible to manage any future offer or foresee any pitfalls. The right to “port” data will give candidates the opportunity to work with a Recruitment Consultant that will be right for them. Managing the introduction to a future employer is an important undertaking and one not to be taken without due care.

For Consultancies being tighter on data control and having a revised privacy policy has a huge upside in ensuring their database of candidates is active with up to date information and full of candidates who are truly looking. This is a great benefit to employers as Recruitment Consultants will become more responsive and more in touch with the market reducing time to higher. If you know who is looking and have up to date information on their requirement it is far quicker to contact the right people about a role.

All the hard work ensuring GDPR compliance will be worth it, there will be a massive upside for the Recruitment Industry. Improving the service offered to both clients and candidates by ensuring best practice across the sector.

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